Camp Green Lane Blog Post, June 30th, 2021

, June 30, 2021

Campers were told to get dressed in their division colors and after breakfast, the famous theme came over the loudspeaker, signaling the first Survivor event of the summer.

Survivor is like a mini-Color War where each of the divisions competes against each other in surprise events all summer long.   Each division is assigned a color and given bandanas. Inter Girls are pink, Inter Boys are yellow, Deb Girls are orange, Cadets are red, Senior Girls are purple, Senior Boys are blue, and the Greeks are black.

The first event took place today on the Cadet Boy lawn and it’s clear we have some very spirited and competitive campers with us this summer!  In their division colors and face paint, we laughed and ran and shouted encouragement and cheers, and for the first time this summer we engaged in a full-camp activity that proved the big kids won’t win everything.

The first Survivor event was a race to fill a laundry basket with plastic balls and/or bandanas. After a hotly contested first event, it was the Deb Girls who came out with the first victory of the summer, leaving Senior Boys and Girls and the Greeks in the dust.

The Survivor competition got the day started with just the right amount of pep before the hot weather sent us into another Steamy Day schedule full of swim, lake and shady activities. We’re looking forward to cooler temperatures rolling in over the next few days.

We’re also looking forward to more special events ahead. Events like today’s Survivor activity add a lot to the camp experience, give the campers something new and fun and unexpected to look forward to, and are highlights of the summer.

More of these are on the way, with traditional favorites like Carnival just around the corner.

For now, though, the Debs will savor their victory!