Camp Green Lane Blog Post–March 22nd

, March 22, 2018


As I was sitting in my house yesterday during Nor’easter #4 , I started day dreaming of the summer warmth but snow kept inserting itself into my thoughts, so I started thinking… what would be on Camp Green Lane’s “Snowday” schedule if we were at camp right now?

Reveille: Good morning, Camp Green Lane! Longs and longs, and boots, and scarves, and hats, and gloves to the dining hall for breakfast!

Cleanup: Jobs to include: porch shovel, brushing snow off of the shutters, running the showers and sinks to make sure the pipes don’t freeze, sitting on the toilets to keep the seats warm

First Period: Sledding. Starting at the Overnight Site and flying down the hill to the white rock at the bottom of Senior Girls’ Hill

Second Period: Half-pipe. We’ve drained the pool and filled it with snow. Grab your snow board and get ready to show off your killer moves.

Third Period: Ice Skating. Strap on your skates and meet us at the frozen lake to get your skate on!

Rest Period: Run back to your bunk and jump into your bed to keep warm!

Fourth Period: Snow shoeing. Grab some tennis racquets from the Field Office, strap them on, and let’s go for a walk around camp!

Fifth Period: SNOW BALL FIGHT!!! Meet us on Cadet Lawn for the fight to end all fights!!

Hot Chocolate Squad

Sixth Period: Snowman-making contest. Aunt Barb will be judging on creativity, fashion, and height

Seventh Period: Obstacle course, which ends in a slide through slush into a mound of snow

Shower Hour: as long as the pipes haven’t frozen

Free Play: Go visit Aunt Robin in the canteen and enjoy the warm brownies, cookies, and hot chocolate bar with all the toppings

Evening Activity: Movie in the Globe. Bundle up and grab your popcorn…. We’re watching Frozen! The cold never bothered us anyway!

While Snowday might be fun for one day, we’re happy that we get to spend our SUMMERS between the arches rather than our winters. We’ll see you all soon, when the sun is shining!