Camp Green Lane Blog Post-May 14th

, May 14, 2018

Hello, Camp Family!

It was great seeing so many of you between the Arches at our picnic on Saturday. Mother Nature was kind and we were lucky enough to get through the day without any rain! We hope you had fun running around with old and new friends and seeing what’s new around camp for the 2018 season!

Whenever I try my hand at something new, or plan a new adventure, I like to have all the facts. Know the lay of the land. You know what I mean. I sometimes find a glossary of terms to be helpful when navigating new waters. For our new families, your child(ren) may write home from camp this summer using words and phrases you’ve never heard of. We wanted to provide a CGL glossary of terms so that you are prepared:


Camp is split into 7 divisions, which is another word for age group:

Age                 Girls’ Camp     Boys’ Camp

Grades 1-5      Inters               Inters

Grades 6-7      Debs                Cadets

Grades 8-9      Seniors            Seniors

Grades 10-11  Greeks             Greeks


Each division is overseen by an adult supervisor:

Inter Girls – Aunt Mindy Gurtov

Debs – Aunt Melissa Freedman

Senior Girls – Aunt Melanie Musum

Inter Boys – Aunt Jamie Ginsberg

Cadets – Uncle Bobby Steinberg

Senior Boys – Uncle Danny Gurtov

Greeks – Aunt Rene Weiner


An amazing afternoon at camp, usually during the second or third week. Each bunk sets up and runs a booth in the Dome. Campers spend the afternoon playing booth games, eating carnival treats (think cotton candy, soft pretzels, popcorn and Rita’s Water Ice), and taking on the inflatable rides on Cadet Lawn and in the pool. Carnival culminates with a dance at which Carnival King and Queen (from the oldest senior bunks, voted on by the entire camp) are crowned.


During the first half of the summer, the entire camp is split into teams who spend one day competing against each other in silly games and races. The day ends in a song competition after which one team is declared the winner.

Birthday meal:

The camp is split up by birthday month. Each team performs a silly song about their month, dresses accordingly, decorates a cake, carves a watermelon (you cant carve a pumpkin in the middle of the summer) and eats dinner together.

Iron Pigs:

The Philadelphia Phillies’ AAA team. The entire camp takes a trip to see a minor league baseball game.

Freddy Hill:

A nearby mini golf and ice cream joint. Each division takes a trip there.


Chosen by each camper weekly, clinics focus on sports instruction, emphasizing knowledge of the game, skills, and drills.


Electives give the campers a chance to select and enjoy a special interest at their own pace, in their own way.


We’re not sure if this game is played anywhere else in the entire world! It’s a combination of baseball, basketball and kickball.

Bunk Party:

Friday night after our Friday night services each bunk picks up treats that they have pre-ordered from the canteen and brings them back to their bunk. It’s a great way to wrap up a fun-filled week at camp.


Is that thunder we hear? Sometimes the campers need down time and a rainy day is the perfect time for that. We’ll send the kids back to their cabins for a bit to decompress and do whatever they want. Nap. Play cards. Write letters. There’s nothing better than cozying up in sweats on a rainy camp day!


The last night of camp. Everyone gathers by the lake. Each bunk sends a wish boat out on the lake. Campers and staff give speeches. Anyone who has been part of the Green Lane family for five or more years lights a candle. There isn’t a dry eye in the house.


A big dance on the second-to-last night of camp.

The Circle:

The center of camp. Where the buses pull into and out of.

Bunk Names:

All boys’ bunks are named after MLB teams. Girls’ bunks are named after hotels. Greek bunks are referred to by Greek letters.

Rack Alert:

When rain is imminent you’ll hear a call for “Rack Alert” over the PA, which means go clear the towels off the racks!

The Arches:

The Green Lane Arches stand at the two entrances to camp. We talk about being “in the arches” a lot.

All G-d’s Children:

Not a book or a religious saying, but instead a game in which shoes are thrown, then found and tied.


These are just a few of the unique Camp Green Lane terms you’ll hear throughout the summer. Pay attention to those letters because there will be plenty more as your kids tell you about all of the amazing things going on every single day at camp!