Camp Green Lane Blog Post-November 27th, 2019

, November 27, 2019

Hello camp family!!

We hope that you brought in a HUGE candy haul for Halloween. We also hope that all is going well for you in the “real world” — school, friends, sports, activities, families, etc… and that you are feeling thankful for the good things in your life going into the holiday season.

We are certainly thankful for all of you and for the wonderful little place that we all call home for 7 weeks each year. Believe it or not, CGL will be celebrating its 95th birthday in 2021. We think it’s time to say thank you to some of the places and things that make it so special:

Thank you, Arches, for the magic that you hold within you. Seeing you on the first day of camp signals the start of something amazing! And seeing you in the rear-view mirror of the bus on the last day reminds us that you will be here for us again next summer, and for many summers after that.

Thank you, Dining Hall, for being a place where we can gather as a family to enjoy a good meal, cheer, laugh, and have dance parties.

Thank you, Circle, for being the place we step into when we get off the bus, whether on the first day of camp or after a trip, to remind us that we are home.

Thank you, Canteen, for being a place where we can smile over a slushie or a Chipwhich with a friend.

Thank you, Cabins, for keeping us warm at night and for holding all our secrets and our laughter within your walls.

Thank you, BB1, for being the place we run to, play on, and dance on year after year.

Thank you, Pool, for being a respite on days when the heat is just too much.

Thank you, Fields and Courts, for being a place for us to learn the importance of sportsmanship, to acquire new skills, and to sharpen the ones we already have. And for being the site of countless high-fives and hugs when games are over.

Thank you, Lake Unami, for all the bouncing, sliding, rowing, and swimming we have enjoyed over the years

We have so much to thank Camp Green Lane’s facilities for, but we know that it’s the people within those Arches, playing on those fields and courts, swimming and laughing with friends that makes it so special.

We hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families and friends, and we can’t wait to see your faces at the reunion on December 8!