Camp Green Lane Blog Post-November 29th

, November 29, 2018

A perfect Camp Green Lane day….Let’s be honest, ALL Camp Green Lane days are pretty much perfect, aren’t they? But what would your/your kids’ perfect Camp Green Lane day look like? Go ahead and choose your own adventure using the choices below!



a. The usual: 7:50 am

b. Post-Visiting Day-style: 8:20 am

c. You cheered your loudest and now reveille is at 9:30 AM with a 10 AM breakfast!

Breakfast Attire:

a. You’ve brushed your teeth but aren’t ready to get out of your comfy pjs yet, so you head to the dining hall in just that

b. You’re brushed, washed, changed, and ready to start the day

c. You were too tired to change out of last night’s outfit after glow-in-the-dark dodgeball evening activity, so that will have to do for this morning


a. Just cereal

b. Cereal, Eggs and English muffins, hash browns

c. Cereal, French toast sticks, and anything else hot and delicious coming out of the kitchen


a. Toilets. It might be the least popular job, but you do get first shower!

b. Free. No job… yay! Last shower… boo!

c. Sweep. There’s something soothing about sweeping the bunk, am I right?

First Period:

a. Instructional swim. You get to hang out with Aunt Rachel and her crew, but the water hasn’t had time to warm up yet. Brrrrrrrr!

b. Cooking. Cupcake cones first thing in the morning? Yes, please!

c. Basketball. You love getting your sweat on early in the day!


a. Tennis: your serve is on-point!

b. Volleyball: in the sand, preferably

c. Softball: “laking” the ball is your specialty!


a. Lake: the inflatable playground is your favorite spot in camp

b. Drama: you are starring in the show and have to get your rehearsal time in!

c. Arts & Crafts: Aunt Barb is blasting Bon Jovi while you work on your latest gimp/lanyard masterpiece 


a. Pizza: a CGL classic

b. Grilled cheese and Tomato Soup

c. BBQ cookout: Hot dogs right off the grill? YUM!!!

Rest Period:

a. Nap time: do not pass go. Jump right into your bed and snooze!

b. Write letters: you owe each member of your family and 10 friends a letter. Can you get it all done in 45 minutes?

c. Game time: Jacks, Uno, Spit… whatever the game, you are in to play!

Fourth Period: 

a. BBK: you try to explain it to non-CGLers and they just don’t get it!

b. High ropes: you’ve been waiting all winter to get your zipline on!

c. Flag football: you are a QB sensation!

Fifth Period:

a. Gymnastics: you might finally perfect your back-walkover this summer!

b. Ping-Pong: you have challenged Uncle Adam to a game. Who will be the champion?

c. Soccer: strap on your shin guards and tie up those cleats. It’s on!

Sixth Period: 

a. Free swim: You need to cool off after beating Uncle Adam at Ping Pong

b. Bikes: you are prepping for the Triathlon!

c. Quads: adventure is out there!

Afternoon Snack:

a. Gogurt: Frozen.

b. Piece of Fruit: refreshing and perfect

c. Cookies: Oreo.

Seventh Period:

a. Low Ropes: trust falls all day long!

b. Kickball in the Circle: kicking it up into the trees!

c. Archery: I will get a bulls eye this summer. I will get a bulls eye this summer…


a. Chicken pot pie: creamy goodness inside flaky, buttery crust? I’m in.

b. Wings: give me an entire platter 

c. Friday night fried chicken and mashed potatoes: G.O.A.T.

Free Play:

a. Canteen: Chipwich or Soft Serve Chocolate/Vanilla Swirl or a Green Lane Slushie, please

b. Walking around: seeing who is where, doing what

c. Phone call: I sort of want to talk to my parents, but would really rather be hanging out with my friends….

Evening Activity:

a. Camp dance: Enough said

b. Sing down: how many songs can you think of with the word “blue” in the title?

c. Bid and buy: saving up all your “money” to bid on sushi at the head table!

Phew. I’m pleasantly exhausted thinking about my perfect Green Lane day! 204 days until our campers get to live theirs!

See you at the reunion next week!