Camp Green Lane Blog Post-October 17th, 2018

, October 17, 2018

Color War. It’s every camper’s favorite week of the summer. They talk about it constantly. We write about it almost as constantly (see my weepy end-of-Color-War blog post here). The planning for Color War starts as soon as the previous summer ends. Actually, we plan years in advance for summers and Color Wars coming down the pike. It’s tough to come up with quality CW themes year after year. Finding opposing teams (that you can write good songs about) is no easy feat! Following is a list of Color War themes that somehow didn’t make the cut for 2018: 

  • Kardashians vs. Jenners
  • Whole Foods vs. Fast Foods
  • Cats vs. Dogs
  • Apple vs. Android
  • Wizards vs. Muggles
  • Parents vs. Fortnite
  • Fruits vs. Vegetables
  • Marvel vs. DC
  • Coke vs. Pepsi
  • Jim Halperts vs. Dwight K. Schrutes
  • Peanut Butter vs. Jelly (as a nut-free camp, this one just won’t fly)
  • Potatoes vs. Potatoes (the latter pronounced po-tah-toes)
  • Questions vs. Answers
  • Carnivores vs. Herbivores
  • Top Bunks vs. Bottom Bunks
  • Left Twix vs. Right Twix
  • Cap’n Crunch vs. Count Chocula
  • Wiz Wit vs. Wiz Without

Want to add to the list of CW themes that won’t quite make it in to the annals of CGL history? Send us your thoughts. Want to see the archives of CW teams, captains, breaks, winners, etc.. from the past? Check it out here and if you can fill in any of the blanks, please let us know! 

Happy October!

Aunt Robin Raskin