Camp Green Lane Blog Post October 19th

, October 19, 2016

We did it–2 months down only 8 more to go! With Halloween right around the corner, I recently was talking with my camp friends about all of the exciting special events that we do each summer. From Halloween to Color War, each event lets us show our Green Lane dedication and spirit in a new way. You may be asking– how do you show your spirit for Camp Green Lane during our camp Halloween, or Carnival or Olympics—well, it’s actually quite simple. It’s all about the fun and excitement we have with each on these special days. When you are winning prizes at the CGL Carnival, you are showing your camp spirit by supporting each cabin’s booth.  Learning an Olympic song or participating in the obstacle course, you are giving your best effort to win for your team and acting silly, and having fun at the same time. As you and your cabin mates dress up for our Halloween dance, you are showing friendship and the bonds you share working together to come up with creative ideas. Then, there is out Camp Green Lane Color War– every time you put on that Green or White you show your pride for your Camp Green Lane spirit and family. Showing camp spirit is not a hard task. When you are doing your best and enjoying every second you spend between the arches, you are showing your Camp Green Lane spirit. And showing your love for your Camp Green Lane family!

This month in the Camp Office, we have been working on our 2017 summer calendar. We are planning our summer trips and figuring out when each of our special event days will be. We are even looking to add some new all camp special event evening activities, but you’ll just have to wait till June to find out what they are. So keep counting down those days and showing your Camp Green Lane spirit each and every day!

Yours in camping

Aunt Jessie