Camp Green Lane Blog Post September 7th

, September 7, 2018

Hello, Camp Family!

Hopefully, by this time, life has somewhat returned to normal in your house. The laundry is done. The trunks have been put away. The hair has been cut. The stories have been told and the songs have been sung. For some kids, the transition back to “the real world” is an easy one–they wipe their last-day-of-camp tears and move on to seeing home friends effortlessly. They’ve fired up the Fortnite (playing with their camp friends, obvi) and it feels like they never left.

For others, this transition is harder. After being surrounded by their camp family for 7 weeks, eating, sleeping, and just living in a quiet house can be tough. Going from having a set schedule with constant activity and companionship to having to fend for yourself in that area isn’t easy for everyone. This is called “campsickness” and believe us, the struggle is real.

If you find that your child is camp sick, or even if they aren’t, here are some tips and tricks to help them keep the (camp)fires burning throughout the year:

Listen. Our campers come home bursting with stories. They want to tell you about learning how to dive. Or the time their bunk won counselor hunt. Or about their new favorite drink–the “Green Lane Slushie”. Even though they might be telling the same stories over and over AND OVER again, listen to what they have to say. Consider them your receipt for an amazing summer.

Make some plans! Whether in-person or virtual, make some plans with your child(ren)’s camp friends! Get the little ones on FaceTime together and you’ll hear non-stop giggles. They’ll love showing each other their rooms and their pets. If you’re heading to Florida over winter break, make a plan to get together with our FLA families! Seeing a show in NYC? Call some North Jersey or LI friends and meet for lunch.

Get ready for the Winter Reunion! We always book it for early December in the Greater-Philadelphia/South Jersey area, and many bunks extend the fun by having a sleepover at someone’s house the night before. Find out who’s willing to host the crew and get ready for a fun, camp-filled, weekend!

Talk to your child(ren) about next summer. What bunk do they think they’ll be in? What will the Color War themes be? Who will the captains be? What activity do they want to try next summer? Are they interested in certain Camps-Within-A-Camp?

In short, just because camp is over doesn’t mean the friendships and fun are put on hold. We promise to keep the fun coming via blog posts, contests, pictures, and other fun things on our Facebook page. Make sure to tag us in posts and pictures when you get together with CGL family. Give us a call or shoot us an email if you have a fun idea for next summer–we are all ears!

To everyone in our Summer Family…. have a wonderful start to the school year. Work hard. Have fun. Be safe. The countdown to Summer 2019 is ON!!