Camp Green Lane Blog Post September 18th

, September 18, 2019

Hello Camp Green Lane Family!


The equipment has been put away. The cabins have been cleaned and locked up tight. The cheers have quieted. The songs are but mere echoes whispering through the trees. We still can’t believe that Summer 2019, our Magical Mystery Tour, has come and gone. We’re back in the winter office, taking stock of everything that we experienced this summer, and working to make 2020 even bigger and better… if that’s even possible.

We hope that the transition from camp to home was an easy one and that you all enjoyed the last days of summer. Whether you headed to the beach, to the mountains, hopped on a plane for a cool adventure, or stayed put and enjoyed the air conditioning from the comfort of your couch, we’re sure the camp songs and stories were coming at you on a non-stop loop! My kids have not stopped talking about camp since they got off the bus. The first three years were just my daughter relaying stories to us, but the fact that my son can now join in fills my heart with so much joy. They now have this shared experience that will bond them for life (camp bonds are stronger than DNA, you know). And the fact that I can interject here and there with my own camp memories and experiences makes it that much sweeter. My kids have both claimed that CGL is their happy place (my son says, specifically, that lying in his bed before reveille blows, when everything is cool and quiet is his happy place) which means that 3/4 of our family share a happy place. We’re still working on my husband. We’ll get him yet!

And so, camp fam, we wish you an incredible school year, filled with learning, adventures, friends, and fun. Don’t forget about us–make sure to send us/tag us in pictures when you get together with camp friends! Send us emails if you have ideas about something that could make next summer even more incredible. If you have friends who you think would love CGL as much as you do, be sure to send them our way!

We can’t wait to see everyone at the Reunion in December!