Camp Green Lane Blog Post September 27th

, September 27, 2018

Over the past two weekends, both of my kids had the opportunity to hang with their camp friends. You could feel the electricity in the house as they counted the minutes until they could relax back into their favorite friendships… even if it was just for a couple of hours. We always talk about how our kids “live ten for two”–waiting for the ten months of school to fly by so that they can spend two in their favorite place in the world. But how can we help keep the spirit of the “two” alive throughout the ten?

1. Use camp activities! Ask your kids what some of their favorite camp activities are. When you, inevitably, hear the words “I’m bored. What should I do?” come out of their mouths, or if they are having friends over for a party, you’ll have these in your pocket. Games like Paper Bag Drama, Who’s Got It?, and Sing Down are easy to learn and incredibly fun to play. Don’t know the rules? Email us and we’ll send them to you!

2. Cook camp goodies! Snow storm coming and you want to make sure you have something to bake in the house? Ask the kids what their favorite dish in Aunt Jess’s kitchen was and have some fun in your kitchen!

3. Make a camp scrapbook! You know you have a folder filled with all of Aunt Beth’s amazing pics of your kids from the summer. Use an app like Snapfish or Shutterfly to make a scrapbook of some of your favorites. Or you can go old school and (gasp!) print the pictures out and put them into an actual photo album.

4. Work on a Going Home Shirt design! Is your kid creative? The Going Home Shirt designs take a lot of time and thought. If your kid has a great idea that s/he wants to share, please send us an email! 

5. Create a summer playlist. If every song that comes on the radio prompts your kid to say “this song reminds me of camp”, jump on iTunes or Spotify and make a CGL 2018 playlist. Then have your own “dining hall dance party”!

Just because we’re slogging through the “ten” right now doesn’t mean that we can’t sprinkle a little bit of the “two” in there to keep things fun! 

We hope that school is going well for everyone! Keep an eye out for pictures of camp changing colors as we welcome Fall!

 Yours in Camping,

Aunt Robin Stern Raskin