Camp Green Lane Blog– T’was the night before

, June 25, 2016

It’s officially here! One more nights sleep before the campers board the buses. I know how all the campers new and old are feeling right now and the best way to describe it is anxious. Everyone cannot wait to wake up tomorrow, put on his or her first day of camp outfit and run to the bus stop. I remember waking up super early in the morning my first summer of camp. So many thoughts running through my head about what will happen when I finally arrive at my summer home. Who will be the first person I meet? Where is my bed going to be in the cabin? There were so many exciting things to look forward to on just the first day of camp. Every day there is something new to experience and a new way to connect to Camp Green Lane. So lets get this first day started!

Here at camp we are feeling the same way. We are counting down the minutes till the campers arrive. All the bunks are unpacked, the cabin signs have been made and our counselors are ready to make summer 2016 an amazing one. Only a couple more hours left! Everyone get psyched!

Yours in camping

Aunt Jessie