Camp Green Lane Blog

, July 15, 2023

Happy Oneday!

We hit the ground running after finishing Olympics yesterday (update: Matthew Freedman won the Wing Bowl for the team of Fish, who ultimately took the win for Olympics 2023!!) The dance was so much fun, and everyone had a great time finishing out an epic day.

Today was another awesome event here at CGL – Rookie Day! Rookie Day is where we get to host a group of future campers so they get to see firsthand what it’s like to be a CGL camper. They were divided into four cabins – Hilton, Cubs, Marlins, and Plaza (all of which are former CGL cabin names that are not being used this year) – and then spent the day hanging out with some pretty amazing counselors.

Our Rookies rotated through High Ropes, Lake, Archery, and Quads in the morning before enjoying a cookout lunch on the lawn. They then got to take home some grab-n-go arts and crafts and end with everyone’s favorite part of camp – a canteen treat!

Our current campers were kind and welcoming to the Rookies, and a few of them even recognized friends and family members trekking through camp today! It’s always fun to share your favorite place with someone new, and it’s even better when you realize they’re going to love it as much as you do.

Yes, we may have lost 5th period to a Bunko (we’re really making up for not having any last year!) but the sun came back out for juice squad and 6th period.

Our evening activities tonight include another Pals night for the Debs, Cadets, and Greeks, a game called Singled Out for Inter Boys, Sing Down for Senior Girls, and our first paint night of the year for Inter Girls! Paint Night is a tradition we started a few years ago where a division joins Aunt Barb in the Dining Hall for a step-by-step art party. I’m sure you’ll get the chance to preview some of your camper’s summer artwork soon!

Tomorrow and Monday include some good practice for Inter Camp Day on Tuesday! More on that in another day or two!