Camp Green Lane July 27th

, July 27, 2019

Hello All!

Welcome to the Camp Green Lane 2019 Color War!!!

Last night, during a Survivor event, we saw green confetti shoot out of a cannon, and simultaneously heard the first boom. Excitement was all abound as kids started sprinting to BB1. They ran through four smoke grenades set up on BB2 with alternating Green and White smoke. They ran through signs with giant posters and images of Green Magic and White Mystery. On BB1, we had a magician make the captains appear out of thin air to the excitement of the screaming crowd.

Everyone found their teams and got into the stands, the songwriters and captains ran out and the war was on! Male and female staff volleyball started the war off strong with each team winning one match.

It is by far our favorite time of the summer. We see all different ages trying their hardest and competing to win points for their team. Today was a BUSY day. We had three different cabin activities. One in the morning, and two in the afternoon. We had people out playing all activities ranging from basketball to football, hockey to soccer, gaga to base running and everything in between. All the upper staff are reffing the games, and I am sure they all could go on about the games that they officiated. I had the privileged of reffing flag football all day. Rockies/Dodgers started the day off very strong, with a huge showing from Owen Shank and the Green team. That was followed by a great Gamma/Sigma game that ended in a White Team victory. The best game for me, was the Mets/Yankees game. It went back and forth all game and a come from behind touchdown to send it into not one, not two, not three, but FOUR OVERTIMES which ultimately ended with a touchdown to Chris Carre and the nail in the coffin was a Dylan Rayman interception. Even though one team had to end up winning each game, watching the campers go off arm and arm made me the most proud. They play so hard and care so much, but when the whistle blows and the game is over, they always remember that although Green and White divide us, nothing is stronger than the familial bonds at CGL.

It was a back and forth day. Green had a lead at lunch, but White had a very strong afternoon. After dinner, we had out Symbol Search. We hid 11 items related to the themes in places that also relate to their themes. The entire camp needed to find the items. With 45 minutes to do so, they all sprinted off to find the items. Campers could find any symbol and bring it back to BB1. With only 2 minutes left on the clock, and each team having found five items, there was only one left! We see a pack of campers running back to BB1 with the final symbol in hand from the White Team!

Tonight we watched the Gamma/Sigma Volleyball game in front of the camp and the Green Team was victorious!

The score going in to day 3 of Color War is the White Team has 725 points and the Green team has 655 points.