Camp Green Lane Newsletter-January 26th

, January 26, 2016


On winter days like this, it is nice to realize that camp is only 5 months away. While you were at home this past weekend watching the snowfall, the Camp Green Lane lake has fully frozen, our garden is blanketed with snow, as well as BB1 has turned into a snowball fight arena.

Even though it is cold outside, things are red hot in the winter office. Uncle Adam and Uncle Jay were in London last week hand-picking the very best staff for this upcoming summer, as well as reuniting with past counselors. Aunt Jessie is almost done with the evening activity schedule. There are some really awesome new activities we cannot wait to see being played. I have been working on cabin daily schedules for this summer. If you have any suggestions on what your bunk would want on their schedule, or any new activities, please email me at We are always looking for new programs to add.

I got into a deep debate the other day with one of my best friends about what is the best camp movie. I seem to think that Heavyweights (the movie that the inters/debs/cadets watched for Movie Under The Stars), and he seems to think that movie The Parent Trap is better. I will admit, Parent Trap overall is a better movie, I think that Heavyweights is much more representational of our camp. It shows the type of unconditional love, and family emphasis. How about you weigh in?! What is your favorite camp movie?

Email: and I will compile them all and share the results in next month’s newsletter!


Stay warm!

Until next time,

Uncle Jesse