Camp Green Lane Newlsetter-July 4th

, July 4, 2015



What a great idea-we take the camp to a baseball game each summer and we usually do fireworks at camp as well…why not combine the two and go to a Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs game close to July 4th and stay for the fireworks display after the game.  We have now planned this for the last 4 summers, and our record is 1-2-1.  The first summer, 2012 worked our perfectly and we all were able to enjoy a great baseball game and an awe inspiring 3-D fireworks show.  2013, we were not as fortunate as the skies opened up within minutes of us boarding the buses shortly after the beginning of the 7th inning and we went back to camp in a torrential rain.  Last summer, based on the weather forecast, we proactively decided that morning to send the kids to the movies instead of the game and then took the kids to a game later on in the summer (thus the tie in our 1-2-1 record as the game ending up being canceled as well.)

Last night, an absolute perfect evening at the ball park.  The weather was gorgeous, the food delicious, the atmosphere electric.  Unfortunately, the Rochester Red Wings and the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs simply didn’t want to cooperate with our plans.  There were runs in 5 of the first 6 innings and then, neither team felt like scoring!  The game lasted 16 innings, which is not a typo, 16 innings.  Well, we just couldn’t stay.  We waited and waited and finally at the start of the 14th inning, the decision was made that if the Iron Pigs didn’t score, we would have to go back to camp with no fireworks to be viewed.  Two men on in the 14th and still no runs. And thus the end of the evening.

Now, please know that the kids had a great time, watching the game, dancing to the music in between innings, eating this, that and everything, but we were all saddened by the lack of the fireworks display.  Please make sure to view both video and all of the pictures from last night which will be posted later this afternoon on Facebook. The buses rolled into camp shortly after midnight and the kids all went right to sleep.

This morning was a 10:00 breakfast as the kids needed some extra rest after a long night.

Oh well, it is and was still a great idea, I guess we will just have to bring the fireworks to Camp Green Lane later this summer!!!!!


Yours in Camping,


Uncle Jay