Camp Green Lane Newsletter-June 28th, 2015

, June 28, 2015

Rain, rain, go away…And it did! We woke up to a beautiful Camp Green Lane day. It is a pleasure to be back again this year to write to all of you about life here at Camp Green Lane. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m “Aunt” Mindy and it is my 5th summer here at Camp Green Lane. My husband Danny, the Senior Boys Supervisor and I have 3 kids here at camp. I am thrilled that we are back between the arches for another amazing summer. My kids literally talk about camp EVERY SINGLE DAY, all year long. As an upper staff member, it is a privilege to bear witness to the joy that Camp Green Lane brings to my children and yours. I hope that I can find the words this summer to convey to you just how special this time in in camp will be for your children.

Today, the campers were introduced to each of the specialists for their elective/clinic choices. For those reading this that are new to camp, clinic is a sport that your camper would like extra instruction in. They can choose basketball, baseball/softball, hockey, tennis, swimming, etc. They will continue this extra instruction every other day for approximately the next two weeks. Elective is a non-sport activity that your camper would just like more time to enjoy. Whether it is the lake, high ropes, ping-pong, gymnastics, the ever popular cooking, or our new activity KnockerBall, they just can’t get enough! We will choose a new elective usually once a week.

After your campers made their choice, they proceeded through the day with their cabin activities. Swim test were going on at the pool while others were trying for their first bulls-eye in archery. This week is Cinco de Mayo week in cooking. Quesadillas are grilling while we chop the veggies from our organic garden for pico de gallo and homemade tortilla chips. It’s Sunday so of course we had bagels and lox for lunch.

Tonight, we start our regular evening activity schedule. The Inter boys play Capture the Flag, while Inter girls play Human Building Blocks. Debs play Running Pig, while the Cadets wonder Who’s Got It. Senior boys will have a blast Sock Wrestling while the Senior girls will be in a Panic!

What a fantastic full day at Camp Green Lane!

Yours in camping,

Aunt Mindy