Camp Green Lane Newsletter–April 27th

, April 27, 2016

As May quickly approaches and the school year is getting close to ending I have started to hear the standard questions I get before every summer. What cabin am I going to be in? Who is going to be in my cabin? Who are my counselors going to be this year? I see campers start to wonder and speculate who they will be lucky enough to live with this summer. This makes me realize how amazing our Green Lane staff truly is. Everyone that works here creates such a sense of family and community that the campers are dying for a chance to hear this information. Everyone is thinking who is going to help make this summer amazing for me? Where are we going to live this summer? Who will be the specialist and/or JC in the cabin too? Campers are even excited to find out who their Greek CIT will be. The best part about all this excitement is that all the counselors are feeling the exact same way. They cannot wait to call their campers for the first time and talk to them about how awesome this summer will be. They are so excited to hear which division they will be lucky enough to be a part of. Everyone in the Green Lane family is anxiously awaiting this information. The truth is once we find out what cabin we are in, all that is left, is to pack our trunks and head to the arches! 58 days and counting! See you all soon!!

I cant wait to see all of you next Saturday, May 7th at Camp for the Annual Open House Picnic!!!

Yours in Camping

Aunt Jessie