Camp Green Lane Newsletter–August 4th

, August 4, 2015

Look up in the sky, it’s not a bird, not a plane, its COLOR WAR 2015!!!!

Well, it was kind of a plane. All of a sudden, in the middle of first period, a suspiciously low flying helicopter flew over camp. The first time it flew by, people noticed it, but continued their clinic and elective. The second time, people started to see it, and then the sound we have been waiting for all summer finally happened…a BOOM! Then excitement took over and the crowed started chasing under the helicopter. A second boom hits. We all look up, and see Uncle Jay dropping green and white ping pong balls which say color war. The third boom goes off. Everyone is running down to BB1 to find out what team they are on. War is in the air.

We are so excited to have this week of competition between Green Old School and White New School. Green Old School Captains are Evan Glickman and Arielle Glick, and Camper Captains Sydni Musum, Shayna Cohen, Jared Lamberg and Tyler Bream. White New School Captains are Luke Levin and Becca Bassman, and Camper Captains Sophia Tawil, Carly Blitzer, Eric Chud, Blake Rodos.

After our first silent meal at lunch, color war got under way with Symbol Search and division activities. Symbol Search is where we hide symbols from each team (ie. A typewriter, or an ipod) are hidden for people to find. They are hidden in places that reflect the team theme.1 Symbol Search was won by the White team, but most of the afternoon was won by Green. I was at a Softball game with Alpha and Delta. It was a great game! It ended as a 6-5 game. Other cabins were participating in volleyball, football, hockey, basketball, and BBK among others. It was such a great afternoon.

As of now, before dinner, the score is White Team- 236 and Green Team 224.

Tonight we have Scavenger Hunt and Male and Female staff volleyball. We will update you on those results tomorrow.

Color war is by far my favorite week of the summer. Everyone is competing all week and camp spirit is at an all time high. It is incredible. You look around camp and see green and white everywhere. Each field is filled with campers creating memories. Competition builds character. As we all ref the games, we see how each camper has the utmost sportsmanship, charisma and character. We see it all the time at CGL, and it is just emphasized by this week.

I will be writing daily updates throughout the rest of Color War. Gotta get back to the fields.

Yours In Camping,

Uncle Jesse