Camp Green Lane Newsletter–August 5th

, August 5, 2015

Before I get to what happened today, I will recap what happened last night. At dinner, we had our first mealtime mania, which are little games played in the dining hall. Last night was cup stacking, however they could not use their hands to do it. White was victorious. Scavenger Hunt was filled with a myriad of events. They ranged from hair braiding, to jacks, to cake decorating even to giving a tour around camp. Kids were running all over the place completing their tasks to help their team. After we tallied up the scores the White team ended up winning. This is our first envelope, meaning there is a secret total of points that the winning team gets. This gets opened on the last day of color war. Later on, we had our Male and Female staff volleyball games. Both of those were won by the Green Team. At the end of day one, the score was in an exact tie. 264-264! Wow!!

Today, everyone woke up, immediately put on their green or white attire, and was ready to rock and roll with cabin activities. White team had a very dominant morning. In boys camp, every activity this morning was won by white. At lunch we had our first cheer. They not only were providing general team spirit, but also to cheer on their male camper captains who are competing in rope burn tonight (more on that later on). Green won the lunchtime cheer. More cabin activities this afternoon; however, this time, Green Team had the upper hand. I was at Biltmore/Atlantis soccer. Wow, was that an incredible game. The white team was down 2-1 with two minutes left. They scored on a last second goal. It went to a shoot out. The Green team ended up winning on the last kick. Although there was a lot of competition, there was even more sportsmanship. All the girls hugged, shook hands and then went on their way. It was so heart-warming to see! Great Job!!

After dinner tonight the boys will have Water Polo, and the girls will have cabin activities. The evening activity is Rope Burn. The male camper captains build a fire to burn a rope hanging ten feet high. The entire camp goes up to the girls tennis courts to watch. Being up there is a feeling that cannot be replicated. The camper captains have been gathering wood, sticks, tinder, and everything else that they need to compete. All camp is totally engrossed in it. I wish Tyler, Jared, Eric and Blake the best of luck. I know they will all do really well.

After rope burn, all camp will come down to watch Alpha and Delta play basketball. They play pick up and leagues games all the time, but now it is color war, and the intensity is high. I cannot wait to see how they do.

The score heading into dinner is White Team- 622 and Green Team- 613. Gamma is presenting their scoreboards at dinner, so we will adjust the scores on them. (Pictures to come)

Yours in camping,

Uncle Jesse