Camp Green Lane Newsletter–August 6th

, August 6, 2015


Before I recap the last 24 hours, I wanted to take a minute to stop and think about the history of Camp Green Lane. We have lots of captains (camper or not) who are second generation Green Laners. To quote sunrise, “The Generations grow through time, and that is how we know Camp Green Lane history shall remain.” No where else have I ever been that has this same type of family feel. There really is something special about what happens here within the arches.  Four of our eight Camper Captains and two of our Counselor Captains are children of Camp Green Lane Alumni.

Now on to the war! Last night was incredible! Free play activity for girls were with their cabins, and boys were playing water polo. It was an even split leading into one of my favorite parts of Color War: Rope Burn.

The male camper captains (Green Team: Jared Lamberg and Tyler Bream; White Team: Eric Chud and Blake Rodos) went up above the girls tennis courts to complete Rope Burn. They have been working really hard over the last few days preparing their piles of sticks, kindling, and any other material they need. Watching the boys and their coaches working together was just astounding. Their cooperation, team work, and dedication was much more than can be asked of a 14 year old. Both fires were as high as could be, and ultimately the Green Team’s rope broke first with an official time of 59.20.

After the burn, we had our Alpha/Delta basketball game. It was neck and neck for most of the game, with heart, talent and teamwork on display. Green edged it out.

Today is a very different type of day. We had our Track Meets and Swim Meets. Girls had Track in the morning, and Boys had swim. Green Team had a dominant morning, and actually took the lead for the first time this week. Before we switched for the afternoon, we had our second annual spelling bee. One camper per division competed in a bee. Words were from the official Scripps Spelling Bee Lists. It is awesome to see lots of mental preparation/strength as well. These campers went back and forth until eventually Jacob Arnao for the Green Team came out victorious. The winning word was Lozenge, major clue was the German language of origin.

The two switched in the afternoon, so that the Boys had Track while the Girls had Swim Meets. We had our second staff events: male and female staff soccer. Both were won by the Green Team.

Tonight the free play activity is the Acorn Relay. This is our third year with this event which the entire team strategically competes a relay race all across camp filled with unique activities. Some stops are athletic (throw a baseball successfully around the horn), some intellectual (Put all Color War Captains from the last ten years in order/spelled correctly/with the correct team), and some are just random (successfully make a bed with hospital corners). It is a really fun event where the entire team gets involved.

Later on tonight we have our male staff basketball game. Tomorrow is filled with more cabin activities, division relays, tug of war, and our female camper captains competing in the Amazing Race. I will update you on all of those tomorrow.

The score going into this evenings activities is the Green Team with 1,521 points and the White Team with 1,443 points.

Yours in Camping,

Uncle Jesse