Camp Green Lane Newsletter–August 7th

, August 7, 2015

Day Four: Nighttime Addition

Sorry for the delay, we were having such a great time with day four of Color War!!!

Lets recap. Last night, the acorn relay race was really cool to watch. It had such a variety of tasks, that every camper on both teams was able to contribute to their teams success in the best way that they can. The last event was a whisper down the lane of a 20 word phrase. It was chilling how intense the silence was. It was the Green Team that came out of it with the victory. Evening activity was our annual Male Staff Basketball game. In one of the highest scoring games I have ever witnessed in person, the Green Team pulled out the win.

This morning, after a longer clean-up (they needed it lol) we had cabin activities. All of girls camp was at the pool for water polo. They were splishing, and splashing, and passing, and scoring, and would you know it, it was a White Team sweep. In Inter Girls, Debs, Sr. Girls and Greek Girls White won. The Red Sox/Pirates Flag Football game went into double overtime and on a last second interception, White won.

After a BBQ lunch, we had our division relays. Let me explain this event to you. If you did not know what these relays were, and walked into camp during them, you would have thought we lost our minds. It is the definition of organized chaos. Each division has a running relay race they needed to complete. All relays are different and specific to the divisions. They all go in a different order, even if they are at the same locations. Kids are running everywhere; having a blast. In a span of about 15 minutes we completed a total of 8 all camp wide relay races. It is pretty incredible to see.

Our female camper captains had their event today: The Amazing Race. If you have ever seen the TV show, you know that there are a series of clues and activities that need to be completed in order to win the race. The Green Team Camper Captains (Sydni Musum and Shayna Cohen) competed against White Team Camper Captains (Carly Blitzer and Sophia Tawil) in front of the camp on BB1. The clues were both mental (organize a list of trips taken so far this summer in reverse chronological order), skill based (hitting balloons off of an archery target with a bow and arrow), physical (swimming out to and climbing the lake slide) and all together awesome. There were so many lead changes throughout, it was anyone’s game. The last two clues consisted of chipping out a key from a block of ice and using that key to unlock a secret bag. Inside the bag were puzzle pieces. No one knew before they started putting the puzzle together that it was actually a picture of the four girls. Once the puzzle was done, they had to run and blow a whistle. It was the Green Team who did that first. Congratulations to all our camper captains. They did such a great job.

Tonight we have our Female Staff basketball game and our Gamma/Sigma Volleyball game. They are always a great way to get everyone cheering and standing on their feet.

Updating a previous statement: As you know things change from the time they are written to the time they happen at camp. Our Tug of War will happen tomorrow morning after breakfast.

It was another beautiful day. The score heading into tomorrow’s activities: Green Team 1906 and White Team 1803. With the 150 point bonus, and two full days of activities left, it is still anyone’s Color War.

Yours in camping,

Uncle Jesse