Camp Green Lane Newsletter–August 8th

, August 8, 2015

Day Five is in the Books.

Last night, after a very competitive Female Staff basketball game won by the Green Team, our Gamma and Sigma girls played volleyball. It went back and forth for two intense games. With the whole camp watching, the White Team ended up on top.

This morning was our infamous Tugs-Of-War. At Softball 1, the teams gathered to test their strength. Uncle Adam added a fun element by spraying both teams with a hose. Each division lined up and did an incredible job. White Team ended up winning 6 and Green Team won 4. After that, both teams went to rallies to get ready for tomorrow’s Sing. I will explain the logistics about that tomorrow.

This afternoon we had our last cabin activities. Regency/Ritz had a really good game of basketball. They played really hard. It was great to see our Inter Girls play with lots of heart and competitive spirit. I cannot wait to see the rivalry develop between the two cabins. Our Athletic Director (Aunt Debbie) was umping Atlantis/Biltmore’s Softball Game. She was so impressed with the spirit, sportsmanship and skills that they possessed. They duked it out with the White Team winning. Looking around the camp, it is astonishing to see the juxtaposition between competition on the field and the loving nature of our campers off the field.

Tonight we have our Campfire Skits. Originally, a long time ago, these skits were down around a campfire, then later at the outdoor theatre. When the GLOBE was built in 2000, we moved them in there. 6 Campers in each division on each team will get on stage to perform. Each team has prepared a 20-25 minute skit emphasizing the awesome things about their theme. I cannot wait to see how Old School and New School are shown on stage. This is another HUGE envelope for Color War.

I will update you on the results tomorrow. There are some very simple events tomorrow. In the morning it is All Gods Children (Finding and tying your shoes) and Steeplechase in the afternoon. It is starting to hit people that tomorrow is the last day of Color War. As of now, the winner of Sing will win Color War. That could change based on the events left in the war.

Yours in camping,

Uncle Jesse