Camp Green Lane Newsletter August 9th

, August 9, 2015

Color War-Day 6:

Wow. I cannot believe how quickly this week flew by. The most intense, emotional, physical and challenging week of the summer is at its end. Tears and Cheers have echoed the arches for the last six days. Watching the campers and staff support each other is rewarding to see. Everyone played their hearts out, and it is all coming down to tonight.

The Skits last night were incredible. Both the Green and White skit enhanced their theme. White skit was about a Bubbe, taught by her two grandkids, learning about how wonderful the new school can be. They talked about the concerts, medical advances, technological advances and added some humor as well. Green Skit was about a group of campers who were lost in the Old School Museum. While searching through all the exhibits, they learned about the amazing things that have happened in our history. After a very tough judging decision, it was the Green Team who came out with the victory.

Today was all gods children. A game where shoes are thrown, chaos erupts, and hilarity ensues. Both sides searched for their shoes, and ran to the line in order to hit the magic number for their teams. After morning activities, all camp went to rallies.

After lunch we had our Steeplechase. There were dozens of past captains who came back to relive the magic of the arches. It starts with the Female Captains (Becca Bassman and Arielle Glick) eating a bowl of pudding. Once they are done it goes to a relay race through camp. One camper from each cabin participates in an activity ranging from a football throw through a tire, to leapfrogging from cone to cone. It ends with the Male Captains (Luke Levin and Evan Glickman) eating half of a watermelon. It came down to the very end. They were bite and bite, but it was the White Team who won the final envelope of Color War.

It looks like it is all coming down to the sing. Each team has prepared four songs: March, Razz, Friendship and Alma Mater. The March is where you are promoting your theme. Razz is where you are making fun of the other team. Friendship is about how the friends you make in the arches are really more like family. The Alma Mater is about how special the arches are. It is about the feeling you have that you cannot find anywhere else in the world. The winner of sing will get a 150 point bonus. This year, the winner of sing will win color war. We will open the envelopes at dinner to find out the exact score, but it will all come down to the sing.

It has been a great week, filled with every type of emotion possible. Tonight is bittersweet. Sing is a wonderful thing, but it also means that the end of camp is near. One week from tonight, you will all be home with you children, sitting around the dinner table. It is a feeling you have waited seven long weeks for, and for us here, it has gone by in a flash. There are so many amazing events happening within the last week of camp.

The score heading into dinner is the Green Team with 2615 and White Team with 2544. The difference is 71 points, but with the 150 point bonus, it is all tied up.

It has been my pleasure writing to you the updates for this week. Stay tuned to facebook to find out the winner of Color War 2015. Will it be Green Old School or White New School?

Yours in camping


Uncle Jesse