Camp Green Lane Newsletter-July 10, 2015

, July 10, 2015

Wow! Today was such a great day here at Camp Green Lane. We played Camp Kweebec in our irst inter camp games of the summer.  We played them in both soccer and basketball.  They played well, hard, fair games and most of all displayed good sportsmanship. It’s funny, I asked a few campers how they would define good sportsmanship and they all gave me great answers. Not one of them could define it though. Instead they were all eager to give examples of poor sportsmanship and what you shouldn’t do on the field or court. I am proud to say that we didn’t see any examples of that today.

Camp Kweebec hosted our girls while their boys came here. Overall we did great. In basketball we triumphed in the girls 10 under and 14 under divisions. Our 14 under girls also won in soccer. On the boys’ side, we won both soccer and basketball in our 10 under division. Our 16 under also won in basketball. Most importantly, at the end of each game everyone shook hands and even hugged. You see, despite the wins and losses, so many of our campers have friends that go to other camps. So amidst the sports there was friendship. Overnight campers share a common bond regardless of the camp they attend.   I stayed here at Camp Green Lane and it was fun to watch the boys show their green & white pride as they showed off camp. As the Camp Kweebec bus drove out of the circle we waved goodbye knowing that we put forth our best selves today. It made this momma proud!

Tonight we have our first Friday night service of the summer. I am looking forward to coming back together as one Camp Green Lane family to celebrate all the good that happens here. Hope your day was just as great.

Yours in camping,

Aunt Mindy