Camp Green Lane Newsletter-July 11, 2015

, July 11, 2015

Tonight, another guest writer, our Athletic Director, Aunt Debbie Geller


I have had the pleasure of being a staff parent (working at camp while my kids are campers)at Camp Green Lane for the past 10 years. I see firsthand the amazing and wonderful things that go on between the arches.  Being able to watch my children and all of your children, having the times of their lives has made me realize several things.

First, camp friends are the best of friends. I see your children helping each other at sporting events. I see them cheering on their team and, even in a competitive game, offering encouraging words to their opponents. I see your children walking hand in hand around camp.  I see them truly laughing together and stress free.  I see them singing and cheering together in the dining hall. I am fortunate to see them singing color war songs with their best friends. I love seeing campers not distracted by technology and truly being in the moment.  I know the friends my children have made at CGL, who have flown to Florida to visit us, will always be part of their lives.

Second, come to camp every year.  From Inters to Greeks, time as a camper goes so quickly. Missing time at camp, for whatever reason, is truly precious time lost.  There are only so many years that your child is able to be a camper.  The positive changes you will see in your child as a result of spending time here is unmatchable. Giving them childhood summers at CGL is truly a gift.

Third, don’t waste your worry.  I remember the first time my children slept in bunks (Holiday and the Orioles).  I hoped that someone would watch and care for them like I would. I worried about what my kids would eat and who would hug them if they needed it.  As a teacher, who takes children on field trips, I worried about my kids being watched when out of camp.  Camp Green Lane never disappointed! The upper staff and counselors continue to take care of campers as if they were their own.

There is a feeling between these arches that is hard to describe to others. I have been lucky enough to have spent many summers here watching returning and new campers enter those arches and embrace that feeling. What I am trying to convey is, you could not have picked a better summer home for your child.


Aunt Debbie