Camp Green Lane Newsletter July 15, 2015

, July 15, 2015

Today we woke up a little bit later between the arches. The rain was coming down and we were all happy to get a little extra sleep. After breakfast, everyone back to their cabins for a super clean-up and bunko. We were all happy to spend some extra time in the cabins together with our cabin mates. I enjoy having a morning like this every once in a while. I think it gives everyone a chance to chill and reflect.

We have a month left of camp as of today, which is a scary thought. There have been so many amazing events that have already happened this summer and its awesome to realize that the best is yet to come. Watching everyone in their Olympic rallies today really got me thinking about how lucky we all are to be here. The things we worry about right now are so small in the real world, but so big to us. I hear Greek boys worrying about who will do the wing bowl on Friday night, and inters getting excited for their show tonight. That is one of the best things about this place. We all care so much about everything we do here. Everyone wants to put in the effort and make it a big deal, which is why no one ever wants to leave. We have 1 month left and I am sure everyone in camp will be making each new day count.

Yours in camping,

Aunt Jessie