Camp Green Lane Newsletter July 24, 2015

, July 24, 2015

Tomorrow, you will inevitably be hearing about your child’s “best friends.” It’s hard to believe, especially for some of our first year campers that in just four weeks a “best friend” can be made. The truth is when you live with someone, sleep next to someone, play with someone, 24 hours a day, seven days week, it creates a bond that is indescribable. You know more about your cabin mates than you do most people in your life. You can name their favorite breakfast cereal, favorite canteen treat, and favorite evening activity. You know whether they get up early or go to bed late. You know what books they read, what games they play and what music they listen to. And while many of these things may seem superficial, they do all add up to a bond that is a camp “best friend.” And we can say honestly that it is these friends that will stay with your children for their entire lives. They will be the first ones they share happy news with and the shoulders they cry on when they need them. We are so happy to see our children out interacting, laughing, singing, and playing together all day and night. We can’t wait to see what the second half of the summer holds for them and watch them continue to strengthen these bonds and make new ones!

Yours in camping,

Uncle Jay and Uncle Adam


Dear Camp families,

Everyone is super busy today getting prepared for visiting day tomorrow. We are cleaning the cabins, passing out shirts, finishing projects and all getting excited for families and friends to get here tomorrow. This morning the whole camp participated in lip sync day. Each cabin picked a song and filmed their lip sync on the globe stage. We saw a lot of really cute and funny dances and all the campers will be excited to receive their lip sync DVD at the end of the summer.

Tonight we will come together in the globe for services led by the inter boys. After services all of the divisions will be having campfires at our 2 campfire sites. These are perfect activities to have the day before visiting day because it reminds us how amazing our camp family is. Sitting in the globe for services is always a special time of the week where we can simply just hang out with our friends and appreciate one and other. Then the campfires will get everyone in a campy spirit before getting a good night sleep for visiting day. We all look forward to seeing a lot of you tomorrow!

Yours in camping,

Aunt Jessie