Camp Green Lane Newsletter-July 26th

, July 26, 2015

It is hard to believe that four weeks have already come and gone. I hope yesterday you were filled to the brim with your children’s stories and drank in their excitement and love for Camp Green Lane. The campers were so excited to see you, sad to see you go, yet anxious to get back to their cabins and be with their friends. It was a fabulous day that led into a fun filled night.

Powerhouse Entertainment came to camp last night for our annual game show night. Lower camp participated early in the night and upper camp played later on. We split camp into green and white to test our knowledge of pop culture. We had to name that tune, lip sync, dance off, and match the tune to the movie, in order to be crowned champions of pop culture. In the end, the green team won both times. a great prelude to color war.

Tonight we had our alumni coming for the alumni basketball game. It’s always great to see old friends between the arches. It’s fun to catch up on the year’s happenings, sometimes we meet the new spouses, and the best is when we meet the new babies. Future Camp Green Lane campers in the making. We also have evening activities tonight by division. Boys camps are all playing leagues, while the Greek girls are hosting salon night for the inter girls, debs are playing musical chairs.

Yours in Camping,

Aunt Mindy