Camp Green Lane Newsletter-July 27, 2015

, July 27, 2015

What is it about camp and food? We are certainly foodies here at Camp Green Lane. Everyone always wants to know what is on the menu for the day. Visiting day highlight? The food brought from home. Best prizes in Camp Green Lane? A canteen treat or a pizza party. SO, it should come as no surprise that today’s camp-within-a-camp is our most popular, COOKING CAMP-WITHIN-A -CAMP. We had three CGL Alumni chefs and their teams duking it out for the title of CAMP GREEN LANE COOKING CHAMPION. We had our returning champion, Chad Rosenthal, of Food Network Star fame, our second chef, Todd Bergman, works in the food equipment business and has a catering business as well and lastly our third chef, Adam Schuman, works in NYC as a Restaurant Consultant.  This year’s theme was favorite camp meal with a Philadelphia or New York twist. Each team had to put their own spin on a favorite camp meal and elevate it to a new level. The campers had a blast, chopping, slicing, stirring, and blending. The results were presented at lunch today and our all-star panel of judges (Uncle Jesse, Aunt Jessie, and Uncle Justin) were impressed. Uncle Justin was quoted as saying, ”It gets harder and harder each year to choose just one.” After much deliberation, Chad Rosenthal and his team were given the coveted title once again. Congratulations to all the campers who participated.
Meanwhile, the rest of camp was running around participating in Someday activities. Inter boys had basketball leagues and Senior boys had softball leagues. The Deb girls division got together to do some team building at low ropes. Inter girls were busy with kickball, tennis, and high ropes. The Cadets played some frisbee golf and ended the day with a cooking class of their own. Another great day here at Camp Green Lane.
This evening we will have some great evening activities while some of our campers head out of camp. Senior girls and boys are going bowling and Upper debs and cadets are going to bounce around at Got Air. Hope you have a great night too.
Yours in camping,
Aunt Mindy