Camp Green Lane Newsletter July 29,2015

, July 29, 2015

Dear Camp Families,

The only word I can use to describe camp today is campy. Everyone is really in a campy mood and there is a lot of love in the air. There are lots of smiling faces between the arches and everyone’s just enjoying a normal camp day.  Being campy is an idea that anyone who has ever been at camp can understand. It’s not something you can technically see, but you definitely feel it. It’s the way you hold your best friends hand walking to the circle, or how you made that amazing tie-dye shirt in arts in crafts. It’s also the smell of your cabin when you wake up each morning, or that feeling you get as you slide into the lake. It’s all just simply campy. I think feeling campy is something that grows on you. As your first summer comes to an end, you start to understand the little things that make camp a home. In these last two weeks I hope that people start to notice these campy moments and appreciate them. Everything feels different here, and it should. That is why we come to camp. We escape to this place where we can be our fun campy selves and love every moment of it. You can be whoever you want to be here and I know anyone who has been between the arches agrees. We have a little over 2 weeks left and it will all be full of campy moments. Here is to knowing that the feeling will always last.


Yours in camping,

Aunt Jessie