Camp Green Lane Newsletter July 31,2015

, July 31, 2015

Dear Camp Families!

Today was a pretty crazy day between the arches. This morning we ran our annual triathlon. Campers from each division competed in the race, which included a swim, a bike ride and run around the camp. It was really nice to see everyone coming together to cheer on our competitors. There were girls and boys handing out water, counselors running with their campers and lots of fans screaming for their competing cabin mates. Each and every person in camp played a role in making this years triathlon successful.  The winners are:

Inter Girls: Lauren Kelley

Inter Boys: Matthew Freedman

Deb Girls: Rayna Ostroff

Cadet Boys: Drew Combs

Senior Boys: Max Reis

Senior Boys: Sophia Tawil


This afternoon we had our annual Camp Green Lane Halloween. Each cabin carved a watermelon in the dining hall, and then was taken on a hayride around camp. Camp Halloween is a night when people really get to show their creative side. I love to see the amazing ideas all the counselors and campers come up with for their Halloween costumes. At the dance everyone will parade around and we will pick costume winners from each division. My favorite camp Halloween costumes are when whole cabins come up with a costume together. I think it’s nice to see everyone working together to come up with the best idea. It can really be a great bonding experience and show how close a cabin can be.  So we wish good luck to everyone in the costume contest tonight! Watch out for those booms!!

Yours in Camping,

Aunt Jessie