Camp Green Lane Newsletter July 7th

, July 7, 2015


Inter Girl’s Camp News

36 campers + 16 counselors + 1 supervisor + camp activities = 1 AMAZING SUMMER!

written by the Inter Girls



The cabin of Holiday is awesome!  We are enthusiastic and willing to try all the activities.  When asked about some of our favorites, the list went on and on.  We love the lake and sliding down the new slide.  We also enjoy playing soccer, softball with Aunt Debbie, zip lining, swimming, and clinics.  Most importantly, we are happy together.  Holiday rocks!

The cabin of Hershey is having an awesome summer!  We’ve especially enjoyed going to cooking and nature!  At cooking we worked together to make delicious and healthy quesadillas, chips and salsa.  It was fun to have yummy food after running around and doing sports!   During nature, we collected basil leaves, and we are trying all the different vegetables from our garden.  It’s going to be an incredible seven weeks for Hershey, and the rest of the Inter Girls!

Regency loves the evening activities!  Remi and Ellie like playing PANIC.  The counselors give you a topic and you need to dress up as the topic/object and act it out.  “We love this game and can’t wait to play it again!”  Ashley and Brianna had fun at the dance.  They liked putting on their “fancy” clothes and going down to BB1 to dance with their friends.  The DJ threw  out cool prizes and played good songs.  Everyone had a great time! Jocelyn and Sydney had a great time at the Iron Pigs game.  “We got to eat corn and a lot of other stuff. We stayed for 14 innings, but the game was 16.”  Gabi and Josie enjoyed watching the carnival skits.  The whole camp went to the Globe to watch skits.  The skits were all funny and everybody laughed!  Regency looks forward to every evening activity.

Ritz: Living with 16 People.  Living with 16 people, or 6 people, in a cabin can be hard at times, but with friendship and teamwork we know we can do it!  We clean-up together for our cabin inspection, we support each other in all situations, we trust one another, and we rely on each other.  Everyone signed up for the camp show which shows we are all in this together.  The show brings our cabin together, and it shows our different personalities and abilities.  We have a ton of fun at camp because we know our bunkmates are standing by our side.  We all live 10 for 2!