Camp Green Lane Newsletter June 6th, 2015

, July 6, 2015

Hello Camp Families,

The Carnival dance last night was a huge hit! All the campers and counselors had a great time singing and dancing along to the music. We also crowned our 2015 carnival King and Queen, Max Reis and Hanna Stein! Now for years to come they will get called up to dance among all of the other past carnival Kings and Queens still at Camp Green Lane. I really enjoy this part of the dance because it shows the amount of history we always have within the arches. It’s nice to see the winners who come back year after year.

Today was a beautiful day in camp. We got back to our normal schedule and finished our first rotation of the 7 day camp week! This mean every cabin has now been to every specialty at least once and we are ready to start our next rotation. We also ran a lot of inter-camp team practices today. Every division has both a soccer team and basketball team. We have been working hard and are looking forward to facing off against Camp Kweebec this friday.

Days like these are particuarly special to me. Between all the special events we run each summer sometimes it’s nice to have a normal camp day. Everyone is out playing sports, singing songs in the circle, crafting in the art center and swimming in the lake. Cabins have really started to come together and it seems like everyone is having the times of their lives. We are in a groove now and really looking forward to seeing what this second week of the summer has to offer.

Yours in Camping,

Aunt Jessie