Camp Green Lane Summer Blog June 25th

, June 25, 2022


Camp Green Lane is BUZZING with excitement now that our campers have arrived. As soon as the buses started pulling in, every counselor and upper staff member raced to the Circle to greet them with signs and big smiles. Our counselors were so excited to meet their campers and show them the cabins they have been working hard to prepare for their arrival.

Then we hit the ground running! Lunch was a CGL classic – grilled cheese and tomato soup. The roar of over 330 campers – in addition to another 120 staff – in the dining hall was unrivaled. Cheers and chants were thrown across the room from one cabin to another, which, I won’t lie, was a little intimidating as a new member of the CGL family. But looking around, I saw returning campers teaching new campers and including them regardless of whether or not they knew the words to the songs or the names of other cabins. As a newbie, it was reassuring to think that within the next few days, you won’t even be able to tell who has been at CGL for years and who is experiencing it for the first time.

In the span of an afternoon, everyone already has wet bathing suits from free swim and are finding their new favorite shady spots to relax with their cabin on this beautiful water afternoon. Everyone is resting up for the big counselor talent show tonight.

We know the first night of camp may not be the easiest for some, whether campers or parents, but we promise you that these kids are about to have the best summer of their lives. We are here to make sure everyone feels at home for the next seven weeks. I’m sure your campers already have stories they can’t wait to share with you.

Thank you again for trusting us with your kids this summer. It is a distinct honor and a privilege. We promise you that we are going to take great care of them and make 2022 a summer they will always remember.

We hope you have as amazing of a summer as we will have here at CGL!!!