Camp Green Lane Summer Blog Post- July 11th

, July 11, 2017

As another day at camp goes by I’ve been reflecting a lot on how this summer has been so far. The best word I can use to describe it is smooth. Everything is just running so well here. Kids are enjoying their daily activities and today will finish our second full rotation of the schedule. The special events have been fun and everyone is excited for Olympics on Friday. The buses have all been on time for trips and the campers have loved Freddy Hill, the movies and bowling. Most importantly– everyone is happy at the place where happiness counts!!!! I constantly see every camper with a smile on his or her face. There are smiling faces screaming Moana songs, as they get ready for the Inters, Debs and Cadets show on Thursday. There are smiles in the dining hall as people cheer. There are pool smiles and lake smiles and even bike smiles. Everyone is having an amazing smooth summer and just can’t stop smiling!!

On top of all the smiles today was our most popular Camp within a Camp, Cooking camp! 4 Chefs came up to Camp Green Lane and battled it out with a team of kids to see who could make the best meal. This year’s theme was each Chef picked a different country to represent. I think the coolest part about our chefs is they all have a connection to CGL. Chef Todd went to CGL and chose Israel as his country. Chef Chad went to CGL here, has kids here and he chose Japan. Chef Scott is from the area, has 2 kids here and chose Italy. Our final Chef- Justin who went to CGL, has 4 kids and is our camp Chef all summer long. He chose the U.S.A. It was an awesome morning and all the kids had a blast. The winner was Chef Justin! Everyone in camp was so excited for Justin to win the CGL cooking camp winner title!

 Yours in camping,

 Aunt Jessie