Camp Green Lane Summer Blog Post-July 12th

, July 12, 2017

For those of you that don’t know me; my name is Aunt Malisa. This summer marks my third summer between the arches. I venture here from Columbus, Ohio with my two sons Andrew, a Cadet boy, and Ethan, an Inter boy. I am one of the nurses in the infirmary, Nurse Dana and I with the help of our camp mom Rose, work hard to keep the campers and staff safe and healthy while they are in our care.

On any given day, we may see a camper in the infirmary for medication administration, first aid, evaluation, and when needed on-going care. We love all the campers like our own, and nothing makes us happier than an empty infirmary because that means the campers are happily participating in their normal activities. On the occasion, we have to keep a camper overnight for monitoring; we like to keep parents informed of their camper’s progress, and get them back to their bunks as soon as they are feeling better. We work with a great group of doctors that provide the camp with needed medical evaluation and treatment for things that comes up through the course of the day. It is such an asset to have them on our team.

I am often asked how and why I decided to come to camp all the way from Ohio, and the answer is simple. After working for years at a camp for children with diabetes, I needed to find a place where my own children could also participate in the camping experience. I wanted my love for summer camp to pass on to my boys. I searched for a camp home where I could work and they could play. When I first spoke with Uncle Adam he told me about camp with such passion, that I was drawn to Green Lane. From the moment we first arrived between the arches we knew we were home. The love I saw between the alumni and campers when the busses arrived didn’t fade as our first summer rolled on. Never did I feel different because it was my first year, and my boys felt included from the beginning. After spending our first summer here we were hooked, and coming back each year is like a family reunion.

As the middle of camp approaches, rest assured we will continue to care for your campers whenever needed. We are here for a hug, or a cup of the best water in camp. Should you need to relay anything medical from home feel free to give us a call. We look forward to meeting you on visiting day, and have enjoyed meeting your campers. Have a safe and healthy summer

Aunt Malisa