Camp Green Lane Summer Blog Post-July 5th

, July 5, 2017

I cannot believe we are already half way through the second week of camp! My counselors used to always say to me when I was young that the weeks move faster then you think and I now know that to be true. It feels like just yesterday that we were getting off the buses. It’s such a great thing though because that means we are having too much fun to notice that time is passing. Everyone is active and excited for what is coming next.

 Today during 3rd period I decided to just walk around camp and listen to what the buzz is. I wanted to know what campers are thinking about and looking forward to. Some questions I got were as follows. When is Olympics breaking? Inter camp games are Friday, so who is staying at Green Lane boys or girls? Is it true it’s chicken parm sliders for lunch? And finally who invented the knockerballs? Everyone is looking forward to, or excited about something going on in camp. We can’t wait for the next big thing to happen this summer!

 Yours in camping

 Aunt Jessie