Camp Green Lane Summer Blog Post-July 7th

, July 7, 2017

Today was our first Inter-Camp Games of the summer–against Camp Kweebec and let me tell you Camp Green Lane rocked it! The girls tied overall with 4 wins and 4 losses. Everyone played their hearts out and really showed their CGL pride. All the games were very close and fun to watch. The girls were gracious hosts and had a lot of fun getting intense and fighting for those wins. On the boys side we had 3 wins and 5 losses. There were some really close games. Some highlights were the 10 and under boys basketball team coming back from down 6 with 3 minutes to go and winning in overtime in 22 to 20 and the 16 under boys soccer going scoreless in regulation and ending with Penalty kicks. It was a very fun day of competition and the kids can’t wait to do it again in a couple weeks.

Tonight will be our second Friday night services of the summer, tonight lead by the Senior Boys. I am excited to see how they will lead the service and what they will speak about. I know tonight we will be giving out our first CHIP of the summers. CHIPs are given out to campers that exemplify a certain characteristic. This weeks CHIP is for compassion. Each of our supervisors will pick 1 camper in their division that they feel shows compassion for others on a daily basis. I personally think this will be a hard CHIP to give out because I see Camp Green Lane campers showing compassion on a daily basis. Today for example I saw campers running to get water for teammates, helping the other team get a ball to practice and this morning holding umbrellas for each other. We all care about each other here so I am excited to see those recognized for their extra compassion for others.

Yours in camping

Aunt Jessie