Camp Green Lane Summer Blog Post-July 8th

, July 8, 2017

Today was another beautiful at Camp Green Lane. All the campers were excited walking from activity to activity. Everything was going just as usual until shower hour hit.  Instead of the regular bugle, the campers heard a siren and a firework signaling-everyone run to BB1, something is about to happen!  There was excitement in the air as our big golf cart drove onto the court, and the 2017 Olympic themes were announced! This year’s theme is music! The teams are Country Music led by Captains Drew Kevitch and Max Frantz, Rock Music led by Gabrielle Pludo and Lewis Bletchly and finally Pop Music led by Mia Cohen and Corey Biltzer. We can’t wait to watch these teams battle it out next Friday!

Tonight for evening activity we have a lot going on as everyone will be staying in camp. The Inter Boys have counselor hunt and the Inter Girls have musical chairs. The Cadets will get their chance at Paint night with Aunt Barb, while the Debs will have Spa night with their Greek Girl Pals. The Senior Boys and Greek Boys have night leagues and finally the Senior Girls will be heading up to field 5 to set up their tents and have their overnight! Can’t wait to hear how it goes!

Yours in camping

Aunt Jessie