Camp Green Lane Summer Blog Post-July 9th

, July 9, 2017

Sunday’s at camp are so great. Even though it feels like the end of a weekend outside the arches, we are on one continuous weekend here. Everyone is out and about having the best time with their cabins. As some of you reading this are dreading going back to work tomorrow, rest assured that the world we make here is in full effect. There are really only two reasons that anyone at camp knows that it is Sunday: no mail, and bagels. Other than that, it is just another beautiful shorts and shorts day at camp.

Today, the Greek division took a community service trip to the JRA. This is the third year we send our Greek division to the JRA, and every year they come back inspired to help their community in any way that they can. It is really cool to see a group of our campers going to help. They all had a blast as well. After the JRA, they had some time to get lunch and hang out in a park.

Back at camp, it was Playday on the schedule. We had some great league games today. Inter girls had very competitive kickball games on softball 1 and 2. It was super cool to get out and see. One of the best things I saw today was during Boys Elective. Our campers in Moana (our Inter, Debs and Cadets show) had an amazing rehearsal in the GLOBE today in preparation for the show on Thursday! They have been working really hard, and I am excited to see how it turns out.

Tonight we have some super cool eventing activities including a Night Swim, Pal basketball tournament and night leagues!

Have a great night

Uncle Jesse