Camp Green Lane Summer Blog Post June 26th

, June 26, 2022

It was Someday here at Camp Green Lane! Today was our first full day of camp! Cabins rotated through their schedules including electives like gymnastics, cooking, dance, drama, and clinics for sports like basketball, softball, tennis, soccer, flag football, and beach volleyball. There was plenty of swimming, both in the lake and in the pool. As someone put it the other day, “It’s like the first day of school, but everyone actually wants to be here!”

I also had the opportunity to experience our first canteen this evening. The demand for refreshing slushies and sour candy was impressive from our camp girls. The best part was that it was an opportunity to see every one of our girl campers and start to put names with faces. Sitting on the front porch of the White House, everywhere you look there are groups of campers congregating, chanting, unwinding, playing games, and getting to know each other.

And the best part – there isn’t a cell phone in sight! Being married to a lifelong camper, I have heard a lot of stories about his favorite moments and memories at camp. I have never quite been able to understand the weight of his connection to camp. But being here, even after only 24 hours with campers, I am starting to “get it.” I love looking at all of these young faces and seeing that these are the summers they will talk about for the rest of their lives. I’m starting to think this is a summer I will talk about for the rest of mine, too.

Aunt Kate