Camp Green Lane Summer Blog Post- June 28th

, June 28, 2017

Today we did not have just 1 special activity at Camp Green lane…we had 2!. The first one this morning was a new sport brought to camp called Quickball. The purpose of the game is to make softball and baseball more fun and move faster. The kids had a blast learning it! There were 3 different types of balls that were used and crazy rules that change each inning. Each division learned 3 or 4 of the various Quickball rules from the founders of the game, however, they left us with the manual for hundreds more! You can read more about it at ( We cannot wait to try more Quickball games and incorporate this into our the camp program.

The other special event that was in camp today for the 3rd year is a row was Path to Rhythm. This activity, done by divisions, involves each camper with a drum as they learn a cool Camp Green Lane cadence.  Everyone was having a blast drumming and screaming, “WE ARE GREEN LANE, WE ARE GREEN LANE, WE ARE GREEN LANE, LETS GO CAMP GREEN LANE!” Every year the kids are so excited for this event and to see the famous drummer Chico come back!  You can read more about it at  Tomorrow we will finish up the Path to Rhythm program with the rest of the camp and we will all do the beat together in the dining hall. Look Out for a video!

Yours in camping

Aunt Jessie