Camp Green Lane Summer Blog Post-June 30th

, June 30, 2017

Tonight we will be having our first Camp Green Lane Friday night services of the summer! For me personally this is one of my favorite evening activities. I think it is so nice for the whole camp to come together and celebrate what a fantastic first week we have had. It gives everyone a chance to reflect on his or her time here so far, and think about what they can do to make next week just as amazing. Tonight’s theme for services is “be yourself” and I think it is the perfect first theme of the summer. For me, Camp Green Lane has always been a place where I can be myself and I am so excited to share my camp story tonight at services and I would like to share it with all of you too. Personally, I think of myself as a very weird person and I think it is the best part about me. I love being strange and at Camp Green Lane I was always able to be my weird self. I was able to sing on stage and have all my bunkmates tell me how great I was. I could pretend I was good at sports and kill it on the basketball court. Finally I could tell a weird story and everyone thought it was hilarious. I was always supported and able to be the person I wanted to be and this is why I am the person I am today.  I fully attribute my personality and confidence to my times at Camp Green Lane.  Camp let me have a chance to find myself and try new things. Camp was always there for me, and made me realize that the best thing I could be was myself. Recently I heard a quote that really resonated with me about how we act at camp. My current favorite broadways star, Ben Platt said, “Don’t waste any time trying to be someone else because the things that make you strange are the things that make you powerful.” Camp let me be strange and let me feel powerful so thank you to Camp Green Lane for allowing me to be myself and I can’t wait to help each and every kid in camp be the best person they can be too!

Yours in camping

Aunt Jessie