Camp Green Lane Summer Newsletter -June 27th, 2015

, June 27, 2015

What a great start to summer 2015! The buses all pulled into the circle on time to counselors and staff cheering, memories in the making. Once the buses pulled out the fun began. From the littlest Inter to the oldest Greek they were all playing on this beautiful Camp Green Lane day.

Everybody went back to their cabins to officially move into their summer home. Then it was time for lunch. Let the cheering begin!!! There is no sound better than the Camp Green Lane dining room full of cheering kids. Both first timers and veterans were standing and cheering so loud. The first timers will know all the words by tomorrow! We are looking forward to a very spirited summer! The day was full of different activities, both indoor and outdoor having fun in this weather!

Looking around camp today, it is so nice to see the big smiles on everyone’s faces. Happiness is the only word I can use to describe the feeling in camp right now. The energy is high, the laughter is abundant and everyone is excited to be with our summer family. This rainy day just shows how nothing can put a damper on the excitement of the first day of camp. Nothing stops the warmth and love we feel as we come into the arches at the beginning of each summer!

After dinner we had free play by cabin and then it was time to get ready for our counselor talent (or untalent) show. The night was filled with roars of laughter as the campers had the opportunity to see their counselors make fools of themselves. We do have some very talented staff! We then all watched last summers’ video to end the night. And now, the camp is back in their cabins getting a good night sleep and ready to start our daily activities tomorrow!

Once again, we are honored that you have entrusted your children to us for the summer. Please know that they will be cared for as if they were our own. We will make every effort to ensure their health, happiness, and that they return to you stronger, happier and more independent children in August.

Yours in Camping,

Uncle Jay & Uncle Adam