Camp Green Lane Summer Newsletter-June 29th

, June 29, 2015

Dear Camp Families!

First let me introduce myself. My name is Jessie Levin and I will also be writing newsletters this summer. This is my 17th summer at Camp Green Lane and I am completely camp obsessed. My entire family has gone through Camp Green Lane including my parents and grandparents. So as you can probably tell I am very excited to share all of the awesome things we are doing at camp with all of you this summer.

Today is an absolutely beautiful day at camp. We started our first clinic and elective rotation and also enjoyed a normal Anyday morning. Besides all of our regularly scheduled activities, we also had a special event starting this afternoon. This summer we invited Path to Rhythm to come to camp. Path to Rhythm is a program involving all of the campers and counselors using drums and learning a synchronized beat. Over the next couple of days, each division will sit in drum circles and drum along with the instructors, Adam and Cheeco. Each division is learning a Camp Green Lane drumbeat that we hope they will continue to play throughout the summer. Everyone has been jamming and drumming along, singing and even dancing in our drum circle together. It was so nice to see how much fun all the campers both young and old are having learning the cool Green Lane beat.

Tonight we will have regular evening activities. The Inter Boys, Charades and the Inter Girls have paper bag drama. The Cadets will be playing scavenger hunt, while the Debs and Senior Girls are playing human building blocks. Finally the Senior Boys have beat the pro and the Greeks will have their chance at Path to Rhythm.

Can’t wait for tomorrow and another amazing Camp Green Lane day!

Yours in camping,

Aunt Jessie