Camp Green Lane Summer Newsletter-June 30th

, June 30, 2015

Today was our first Pal Day activity here at Camp Green Lane. Pal Day is special because it gets all of our campers, from the smallest Inter to the oldest Greek, working together. Each Pal group has in it- at least one member from each division. Girls camp and boys camp both participated, but each( girls/boys) had their own groups. It was cute to watch the oldest campers lead the youngest campers through a scavenger hunt all over camp. In some cases the younger campers have been here longer than their older counterparts, and they were the ones doing the leading!

Carnival is in the air as well. The Carnival theme this year is Historical Events. Counselors are busy writing their skits that will be performed later this week. Rehearsals will begin as early as tomorrow.

On a totally separate note… There are some things that never get old here at Camp Green Lane. As I have mentioned previously, Danny, my husband, is the Senior Boy Supervisor. So, I live on Senior Boy hill (I could write a whole newsletter just about that) and have a clear view of soccer field 1, the smaller soccer field in the front of camp. For the last 3 years, every time it rains, there is a group of boys who run out of their cabins as soon as they are allowed for a game of football in the rain. Well, today it happened again, sort of. The rain began to fall, out they ran, right into the new Knockerballs. They donned the new equipment and made up their own game of Knockerball. It made me smile once again because these games are purely spur of the moment. No one puts “rain” on the schedule . Mother Nature and the counselors join together and create a fantastic Camp Green Lane memory. So I watched and marveled that these boys I have watched grow from adolescence to early manhood were out there doing it again. An hour later, the rain cleared and we went about our regular camp schedule. For me, it was a perfect Camp Green Lane afternoon.

Yours in camping,
Aunt Mindy