Camp Green Lane Blog Post July 10th

, July 10, 2016

Today started off like any other beautiful Sayday (Sunday in the real world.)  We lined up at our flag poles, went to breakfast and enjoyed eggs and toast.  We were entertained by our morning activities and then headed off to lunch for bagels and lox.  Afternoon activities followed and just before our BBQ Brisket dinner, a spark went off and two loud fireworks went off over Camp Green Lane.


What was it? The 2016 Camp Green Lane Olympics Break! Campers quickly came down to BB1 and were delighted when the six Olympic captains rushed onto the court! Inter Boy counselor Slater Sklut and Senior Girls counselor Melissa Raudt are captains for the Breakfast team.  Inter Boy counselor Adam Hartstein and Deb counselor Miranda Katz are captains for the Lunch team and Cadet counselor Adam Holmes and Inter Girl counselor Sammi Slotkin are captains for the Dinner team.  Olympics is a 1 day event, this Friday filled with lots of fun, silly games. The camp is split up into 3 teams, with the 3 meals being the Olympic Teams. The Day will end with each team singing a cheer promoting their team and why their meal is the best of the Day. We cant wait for Friday, it will be the yummiest day of the summer!


Tonight the Inter Girls and Senior Girls will be pairing up with their pals for a campfire while the Inter Boys and Senior Boys do the same.  Debs will have paint night with Aunt Barb in the dining hall.  Cadets will play night leagues and Greeks will have a dodge ball tournament in the dome before they head off to Lake Placid in the morning!