February 22nd Newsletter

, February 22, 2016

Less than 4 months until we will be sitting in the dining hall, singing and eating  grilled cheese that first Camp Green Lane lunch.  I realize that this may sound silly to some of you, but for me this is something I always remember about the first day of camp. Since I was a little 6 year old stepping off the bus for the first time, till now as a 24 year old, I still look forward to those grilled cheese sandwiches. I will no doubt eat at least 6 of them because that is completely normal, and I will get to hear the familiar sound of everyone cheering their new cabin names for the summer. That first meal is always so loud and exciting. I think it sets a really cool tone for everyone new to Green Lane, seeing our entire camp family sitting in one room together as we eat, laugh, and cheer about just being back. Meals are such an awesome experience at Camp Green Lane and I can’t wait to be a part of them again.

In other news, camp preparations are coming along quite nicely. The evening activity schedules are all planned; the dates and details of Carnival, Olympics, and Halloween have all been completed.  Even the planning for all of the camps within a camp are all happening. We will be having a brand new dance camp this year (http://www.projectmoshen.com/) , a cooking camp, a circus camp, our ever popular basketball camp, soccer camp and scuba camp this summer. Look out for more information on all of these in the coming months!

I know as we get closer and closer to the summer we all become more and more excited for it to start already! Hang in their Green Laners only 123 more days to wait!


Yours in Camping,


Aunt Jessie