It’s March

, March 21, 2015

It’s March!!!! Welcome to the home stretch. The time of year when winter winds down, it starts to hopefully warm up, and we cannot stop thinking about this upcoming summer.

I was thinking the other day about one of my favorite parts of what makes Camp Green Lane such a special place, our dining hall. I know what you’re thinking, but it really represents all that is Camp Green Lane. Start with the building, whether you are coming from a cabin activity, a league game, or bunko, this is the place for the entire camp to come together, and create a family environment. Friends wait outside for one another and hug as if it’s been years, even if their separation has only been an hour or two.

Stepping into the dining hall, you are instantly hit with some of the history that CGL has to offer. Whether you are looking around at the old bunk plaques, finding the names of a relative, or up at the color war plaques planning where yours will go when you finally have your name up on one, there is always something to look at.

As soon as we are all together, we make the announcements, often mentioning accomplishments that happened that day, and then we eat as a family. There are very few camps that still all eat together as one. I love that we still prioritize the family first environment.

Then comes the cheering. The loud, floor-shaking cheering is music to my ears. Hearing girls scream about how much spirit they have, or senior boys yelling musical lyrics, or listening to who they believe will eat watermelon or pudding always makes mealtimes exciting.


We are able to gather as a whole camp family three times a day. During the other 10 months of the year, with all of our busy schedules, I can’t imagine any family sitting down three times a day to talk (electronics free) and really learn from, listen to and help each other.

I can’t wait until those buses pull through those arches filled with smiling campers and we, our summer family, eat our grilled cheese for the first time in the dining hall on Saturday, June 27th!!!!

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Until next time,
Uncle Jesse