January CGL Winter Blog

, January 6, 2016

Happy New Year!

It is finally 2016 and do you know what that means? Camp is this year! Yes, in just a little less than 6 months we will once again run into the circle greeted by our entire camp family with huge smiles on their faces. While we wait though I thought it would be good to update you all on what we are working on for this upcoming summer and what has been going on in Green Lane world. The master schedule is coming together quite nicely as we plan trips and evening activities. This summer expect to see some new evening activities for both the whole camp, and with divisions paired up. One thing we are really looking to expand this summer is our Pal Day program. As a kid who grew up at camp my entire life I think it is important to feel like you have some role models you can look up to and get to know throughout your summers at Camp Green Lane. Also, as an older camper, it’s fun to share with younger campers some of the amazing times you’ve had and help them love camp as much as you do. We are adding game nights, spa nights, campfires, relay races and more to help build these long lasting bonds between campers of all ages. We hope this new approach to pal day will prove a lot of fun for everyone at camp. That being said, we will also still have our favorite evening activities like sing down, Cowboys and Indians, night leagues, dances, trips, movies and so much more.

As we plan summer 2016 I get more and more excited for the day we can leave the real world behind and enter camp world. I can’t wait to wonder what the know your counselor questions will be, or do I have enough green lane bucks for bid and buy? While we wait I hope everyone saw some camp friends over break or at one of the many CGL Meet and Greets we have had and will be having at the year goes on. 171 days in counting!

Yours in camping,

Aunt Jessie